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Family survives crash in wilderness of southwestern Idaho



A husband, wife and their adult daughter are all recovering after their Cessna 172 Skyhawk crashed in rugged, mountainous terrain southwest of Boise, Idaho over the weekend. While one person was able to call for help on a cellphone about midnight Saturday night, rescuers couldn’t reach the three passengers until later on Sunday because of snowy conditions. Though the passengers suffered head and back injuries in the crash, all three people were listed in stable condition by Monday, the Associated Press reported. Photographs of the crash site taken by rescuers show the plane upright, but with extensive damage to its engine cowling, windscreen and right wing. The outer section of the right wing from the spar to the tip, including the aileron, appeared to have been sheared off in the crash. The family was flying from their home in California to visit relatives southeast of Boise. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the flight was VFR or on an IFR flight plan, nor was it clear what factors may have contributed to the crash.