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ICON touts ‘spin-resistant’ design in new video


The amphibious ICON A5 aircraft will be spin-resistant, the company announced Wednesday as it released a video of spin test results. The tests, done sometime earlier this year, show the A5 flying alongside a Cessna 150. The pilots of both enter a power-off stall and add full right rudder; while the Cessna 150 drops into a spin, the A5 appears to mush along and start descending straight ahead. ICON touts the wing design as an aerodynamic achievement, a claim that has some pilots furrowing their brows. The video does not address how the A5 handles in more aggressive stall/spin entries, such as with cross-controlled aileron and rudder, and with power added (much like the dreaded base-to-final overshoot with rudder and power added to try to correct). And the video indicates that while the A5 meets the FAA’s Part 23 spin-resistant criteria, the plane won’t actually be Part 23 certified: It will be a light sport aircraft. The two-seat plane costs about $140,000 and is slated to begin production in the next two years.