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NetJets orders up to 425 business jets from Cessna, Bombardier


Fractional jet operator NetJets has announced that it will order up to 425 new jets from Cessna and Bombardier as it overhauls its fleet and angles to compete with other corporate jet companies flying newer aircraft. NetJets has firm orders for 125 aircraft starting in 2015, with options on 300 more in the years after that. The Bombardier Challenger 300 and 605 large-cabin aircraft will join the NetJets fleet, as will Cessna’s recently announced midsize Latitude jet. In all, the 425 orders and options have a combined value of $9.6 billion, making it the largest private aviation order in history. NetJets, which operates under the callsign “ExecJet,” has a large fleet of aircraft ranging from the Citation Bravo and Excel to the Hawker 800, the Falcon 2000 and several Gulfstream models. In recent years, it has added the Embraer Phenom on the small and short-range end of the spectrum, while picking up ultra-long-range Bombardier Globals on the other end.