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Hawker may cut business jets from lineup


Hawker Beechcraft sees three main options for emerging from bankruptcy protection, all of which include eliminating at least some of its business jets, court records show. The company filed for bankruptcy in May to help it shed debt that grew after several investment banks bought the company from Raytheon in 2007. Under the three rough plans, employees would keep their pensions, but the six-seat Premier jet would get cancelled, as would development of the similarly sized Hawker 200. The plans differ in what would happen with the rest of the company’s portfolio of jets: The large Hawker 4000 could also get the axe, or the company could stop making business jets (including the successful Hawker 900) altogether. Under all of the plans, Hawker Beechcraft would continue making and supporting its popular King Air turboprops, as well as its military trainers. The company indicates in its filings that the mid-size Hawker 900 would likely remain a competitive jet in the near term, but that the Hawker 4000’s costs would need to be cut 20 percent to keep it profitable, an “unlikely” achievement for the company to attain.