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NTSB cites improper go-around procedure in 2010 Oshkosh jet crash


NASCAR owner Jack Roush didn’t apply full takeoff thrust when he executed a go-around in his Hawker 390 jet when he tried to land at Oshkosh AirVenture in 2010, leading to the plane’s low-altitude stall and crash. That was the National Transportation Safety Board’s finding of the cause of the crash, published this week. Roush saw a Piper Cub begin its takeoff roll from the same runway as he turned from downwind to base, and was concerned that plane wouldn’t be clear of the runway when he landed, so he elected to go around. But, worried about other traffic in the vicinity, he only advanced the throttles partway to avoid gaining too much airspeed. His plane stalled and crashed, and he was seriously injured. The NTSB’s review found that the departing Cub, having been told by controllers to start a left turn once airborne, was clear of the runway environment when the jet turned its base leg and would not have been a factor. Roush, in an interview this week, said he acknowledged his error but added that he didn’t think the NTSB took into account the complexity of the special procedures in place for takeoffs and landings at Oshkosh.