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Florida wants to become UAV test range


Officials in Florida are ready spend as much as $1.4 million in an effort to make that state one of six FAA-designated zones for testing how unmanned aerial vehicles integrate with human-piloted planes and the air traffic system. While drones are being used on a smaller scale by a variety of law enforcement and environmental agencies in the U.S., there are many restrictions on how high the drones can fly and how far they can travel from ground-based observers. Drone pilots generally don’t talk to air traffic controllers for clearances, and the smaller aircraft size makes it harder for human pilots of other planes to spot drones in the sky, among other potential problems. The pilot program Florida wants to get involved in would evaluate how drones do at higher altitudes and with less supervision. Scientists envision using drones to monitor wildfires and storms, while police departments in Florida want to expand the use of drones for lengthy surveillance missions.