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Wreckage from 1952 crash found on Alaskan glacier


An Alaska National Guard helicopter on a training mission in the mountains east of Anchorage two weeks ago found the wreckage of a 1952 military transport plane crash that killed 52 men. The C-124A Globemaster, flying from Washington State to Anchorage in November 1952, went down in the mountains during poor weather and would have been navigating solely by radio beacons and timers. Search crews shortly after the crash managed to find the Globemaster’s tail and surmised the plane had flown into the side of a 9,100-foot peak, but winter weather conditions quickly buried most of the debris field in snow. The small pieces of wreckage found two weeks ago may include bone fragments, and the military will start the time-consuming process of trying to match DNA from any remains to relatives of the men who died. The rediscovered debris field, atop the Colony Glacier, is about 12 miles from where the plane is thought to have crashed; other pieces of the wreckage may be trapped in layers of ice deeper in the glacier.