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Garmin rolls out weather radar antenna, ADS-B options


General aviation pilots who want an onboard weather radar antenna have a new option in Garmin’s GWX 70, a $21,000 add-on that is compatible with most of the company’s displays and flight decks. The GWX 70 comes in three different antenna diameters from 10 to 18 inches and has features designed to reduce pilot workload. The antenna will automatically adjust as the plane climbs or descends to keep the same tilt, and it will highlight areas behind storm cells where another cell may be growing, but wouldn’t be visible to the radar. And pilots can use the radar in ground mapping mode during approaches, or to detect turbulence up to 40 miles ahead. The GWX 70 is priced about $10,000 below Honeywell’s entry-level weather radar. This week, Garmin also announced several new products to bring ADS-B data into GA cockpits. The $4,000 GDL 88 receiver can work as a standalone unit to bring ADS-B traffic and weather data to other cockpit displays, as well as transmit GPS-based position data to other aircraft – without having to replace one’s transponder. And for $1,200, pilots can upgrade their GTX 330 and GTX 33 transponders to be fully ADS-B compliant. For tablets and other portable devices, the GDL 39 wil supply both GPS position data and ADS-B weather and traffic data, all in an $800 package.