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Study finds 80 percent of GA fleet could run on mogas


STCs that let aircraft owners convert their planes to run on conventional automotive fuel, or mogas, have been around for decades. But with the price of 100LL rising, supplies scarce in many parts of the world and government agencies studying the environmental effects of the fuel, leaded gas may have its remaining days numbered. A recent analysis by the Aviation Fuel Club, an advocacy group founded by the man who developed many of the mogas STCs on the market, found that 80 percent of the active general aviation fleet could run on unleaded fuel with little or no modifications. The 127,000 eligible aircraft include many Cessna and Piper models as well as older cropdusting aircraft and even the DC-3. But many high-performance aircraft like newer Bonanzas, the Cirrus and many large twin-engine piston planes wouldn’t be able to take advantage of those STCs. The study indicates that a large portion of the GA fleet could keep flying with little interruption if avgas stopped coming out of pumps. Meanwhile, several companies are developing high-octane unleaded replacements to avgas, though the certification and approval process can take years.