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Video shows cockpit view of crash in Idaho


One of the passengers aboard a Stinson 108 that crashed near Stanley, Idaho, in June has posted video from inside the cockpit of the ill-fated three-minute flight. The full video starts during the long takeoff roll along most of a dirt strip, and shows the plane barely gaining altitude as it flies across a broad, grassy plain. But as the Stinson approaches trees about 90 seconds after takeoff, it appears that the plane had barely climbed above the tops of the trees. And while it flies above the trees for a short time, it isn’t long before the Stinson loses altitude during a slight bank to the left, clipping the tops and tumbling to the ground. The plane came to rest inverted, with the cowl crumpled and bent. The NTSB has issued only a preliminary report so far, noting that VFR conditions prevailed at the time but providing no specific weather information. In online comments, one of the passengers said the flight was on a hot afternoon, and that the plane encountered a downdraft right before the crash. While the pilot suffered a broken jaw, he has recovered, and the two other passengers had only minor cuts and bruises.