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Student pilot passes checkride after forced landing


It was a routine private pilot checkride for Brian Garrett on Saturday up until one of the three propeller blades on his Sting Sport LSA separated in flight. Garrett was unsure exactly what had happened at the time, only that the engine started running rough before stopping completely, making a forced landing inevitable. Garrett put the plane down in a fallow farm field; neither he nor the designated pilot examiner was injured. After the hard landing, DPE Drew Chitiea said Garrett had demonstrated everything he needed to for the private pilot checkride. Garrett has been flying for several years with a light sport certificate; he owns the two-seat TL-2000 Sting Sport plane with several other people. Garrett credited his flight training for teaching him exactly what to do in the situation; Chitiea, the examiner, said Garrett was the one flying the plane throughout the entire incident.