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Plastic to power pilot’s 10,000-mile flight in a Skylane


Jeremy Roswell is planning to make a 10,000-mile flight from London to Sydney later this year using five tons of recycled plastic converted into 1,000 gallons of Jet-A for his Cessna 182 Skylane. An Irish company has developed a process to break down plastic into several different petroleum fuels, including diesel, unleaded gasoline and kerosene. The company is building its first large-scale plant in England, which will be capable of producing 5,000 gallons of fuel each day from discarded and recycled plastics. So far the resulting fuel has worked in cars, with tests planned for aircraft as well. If successful, Roswell’s flight would be the longest using a reclaimed fuel source, and it could open up a viable way to produce jet fuel without having to extract more oil first. Roswell says he’s making the week-long flight to highlight how much plastic waste humans discard.