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Sikorsky to close New York plant, shedding 570 jobs


A Sikorsky factory that equips Black Hawk and Naval Hawk helicopters for foreign militaries will close at the end of the year in response to shrinking orders as defense departments around the world cut their budgets. The 100,000-square-foot facility, which Sikorsky opened in 2007 after buying Schweizer Aircraft in 2004, employs 570 people, many of whom previously worked for Schweizer. The closure will be an economic blow to Big Flats, N.Y., and the area around it in western New York near the Pennsylvania border. Sikorsky said it will consolidate the Black Hawk and Naval Hawk production work at one of its facilities in Florida, but that it's not transferring any of the jobs from the New York plant. Sikorsky warned its employees that more cutbacks could come soon if $500 billion in U.S. defense cuts that are set to go into effect in January aren't forestalled.