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American Airlines could lay off 11,000 employees


The bankrupt American Airlines notified about 11,000 of its employees that they could be laid off as the company sheds costs. Most of those facing layoffs are mechanics and ground handling crews, though the company said only about 4,400 people were likely to see their positions eliminated. The bankruptcy court recently voided the contract between American and its pilots, leading many pilots to call in sick and report maintenance issues on aircraft. That has resulted in hundreds of delayed and cancelled flights in recent days. The airline trimmed its flight schedules through October in response to the growing number of cancelled and delayed flights. The pilots union denied that there is an organized work action on the part of its pilots, instead blaming the airline for keeping a fleet of aging, maintenance-prone aircraft in the air. While the company is acquiring new Boeing 737s to replace its MD-80 fleet, many of the older Super 80s are still flying, as are numerous aging Boeing 767s.,0,6912397.story