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Pilot killed in Idaho crash at local GOP gathering


The pilot of a Lake Amphibian died when his plane crashed in a ravine Saturday afternoon while performing for a gathering of Republicans in a rural Idaho town. Randy Humble, well known in the circle of Latah County Republicans and the owner of a local construction company, was the only person on board the plane. Witnesses indicated that he appeared to be throwing toilet paper or streamers out of the plane as it flew at low altitude, before it dipped a wing and dropped from view behind a nearby hill. The crash happened at the county Republicans' annual fall social event, which earlier in the afternoon had featured another pilot's Piper Cub making low flybys. By the time partygoers reached Humble's plane, most of the wreckage was consumed by fire. Photos showed the fuselage destroyed by the crash and fire, and one wing crumpled along the length of its leading edge.