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Airspace changes coming in Portland and Anchorage


General aviation pilots in Portland, Oregon, and Anchorage, Alaska, have airspace changes coming their way that could affect how they fly. In Portland, starting on Nov. 1, the FAA is creating Class Delta airspace around Pearson Field, a popular GA airport very close to Portland International Airport. Pilots arriving or departing from Pearson will first have to get approval over the radio from PDX’s control tower. Once approved to arrive or depart, pilots will then self-announce on Pearson’s CTAF frequency, which controllers at PDX will monitor. In Anchorage, the FAA wants to create Class Delta airspace around Bryant Army Air Field, which is currently uncontrolled. The change would restrict VFR corridors in Anchorage, where three controlled airports – Anchorage International, Merrill Field and Elmendorf Air Force Base – and high terrain to the east already limit the routes GA pilots can take through and around the area. Pilots have until Oct. 9 to comment on the proposed changes to Bryant Field.