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Briton makes deal with Myanmar to excavate buried WWII Spitfires


A British aviation buff who found as many as 60 World War II Spitfire fighter planes in Myanmar earlier this year could start excavating them later this month. David Cundall signed a deal with Myanmar’s government, capping a 16-year personal search for the planes, which he believed had been left behind by Britain’s RAF in 1945. Indeed, the planes appeared to have been greased and wrapped before being crated and buried at the end of a former RAF airfield runway. The planes may been in decent condition, and there is a possibility that some could eventually be restored to airworthiness. While the Spitfire was a lynchpin of Britain’s air force during World War II, with about 20,000 produced, only about 35 are still flying around the world today. The single-engine plane was powered by an engine producing as much as 2,000 horsepower in later models and could cruise at more than 450 mph.