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LaGuardia reopens as floodwaters recede following Sandy


Airlines are steadily returning to their normal flight schedules now that all three major airports in the New York area have reopened following the superstorm that pummeled the northeast earlier this week. LaGuardia had been closed for four days and was the last of the major airports to reopen when it did on Thursday. The storm surge from the remnants of Hurricane Sandy flooded large portions of one of the runways and much of the ramp area around the terminals at LaGuardia. It took several days to drain the water and then to check that the runways, signs and lights were still in working condition. Newark and JFK airports reopened on Wednesday; both had lesser degrees of flooding and damage than LaGuardia. Since Oct. 28, airlines cancelled nearly 20,000 flights as a result of Sandy, many of which were scheduled in and out of New York’s airports. Airlines were progressively adding flights as they repositioned aircraft and flight crews, operating partial flight schedules in the New York area. At LaGuardia, several pieces of equipment used for instrument approaches were damaged by the storm, limiting approaches and landings to VFR conditions for the short term.