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Student pilot unhurt when plane hits SUV on short final


A student pilot returning from his first solo cross-county flight who hit an SUV on short final now says he’s giving up flying. The pilot and the truck’s occupants were uninjured, but the Cessna Skyhawk was heavily damaged, as was the SUV. The accident happened at Northwest Regional Airport near Dallas on Saturday, an uncontrolled field with a road about 30 feet north of the approach end of its runway. A displaced threshold on the runway is meant to keep planes high enough as they fly over the road, and faded markings on the road tell drivers to stop and look for planes. But video shot by the pilot’s wife on the ground shows the SUV driving across the final approach path without stopping as the plane passes less than 10 feet overhead. The Skyhawk’s landing gear hit the top of the truck, and the plane stopped upright at the beginning of the runway pavement.