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Texas mechanic charged in scheme to sell airliners to Iran


A Forth Worth aircraft mechanic with ties to Florida could face 20 years in prison for trying to sell several used Airbus A300 aircraft to Iran Air. Diocenyr Ribamar Barbosa-Santos faces charges in connection with violating international sanctions against Iran that severely limit trade with the country. Barbosa-Santos allegedly talked with officials and suppliers in China who wanted to sell the planes, and offered to work out the financial and logistical aspects of moving the seven aircraft from China to Iran. The sale price would have been $136.5 million, according to court documents. Iran Air’s fleet of aircraft is aging and has a history of accidents related to poor maintenance, since the airline has difficulty getting spare parts for repairs. But Iran has refused U.S. offers to help arrange ferry flights to have the country’s airliners repaired elsewhere. Barbosa-Santos ran several aviation-related businesses in Forth Worth but earned his A&P certificate in Florida, which is where he was charged. He faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine for trying to orchestrate the aircraft sale.