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Rivera’s plane plunged 19,000 feet in final 30 seconds of flight


The Learjet 25 carrying the Mexican singer Jenni Rivera and six other people nosedived at speeds approaching of at least 430 mph in the flight’s final seconds last weekend, Mexican authorities said. It’s still not clear what led the plane to crash about 60 miles from Monterrey, Mexico, following a concert there, though officials said the aircraft had lost contact with air traffic controllers. The plane was cruising at 28,000 feet before the crash and impacted rugged terrain at about 9,000 feet MSL. Rivera was in final discussions to purchase the aircraft from an American company, and the flight from Monterrey to Mexico City was to have been its final demo flight before the sale. One of the plane’s owners said Rivera was planning to buy the 1969 jet for $250,000. In a related development, U.S. officials said the plane’s owner, Starwood Management, and the company’s representative, Esquino Nuñez, were under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Agency. The DEA seized two other planes owned by that company earlier this year.