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Trivia Testers

The first time a propeller was used on a full-sized aircraft was...

Round, Round, Round She Goes
An airplane departs for a flight around the earth above the equator, at a constant altitude above mean sea level (one sufficiently high enough to preclude being influenced by topography), and in a westerly direction. At the same time, another airplane begins its flight in a direction differing by 90 degrees, and performs a pole-to-pole circumnavigation at an identical altitude above sea level, but along a great circle of constant longitude (first west, then east). If both airplanes start from the same place at the same time, return to their starting point, and have the same climb and descent profile, which one, if any, would fly a measurably greater distance?

  1. the one headed poleward, due to cumulative crosswind correction
  2. The equatorial flight would travel the greatest distance.
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