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Nigerian MD-80 reported engine problems before crash that killed more than 157


Engine problems may have been a factor in the crash of a domestic Dana Airlines flight five miles short of its destination airport in Lagos, Nigeria over the weekend. All 157 people on board died; rescuers suspect many more died on the ground when the plane plowed through a shantytown as it crashed. Air traffic control recordings indicate that one, or possibly both, of the engines on the MD-83 aircraft had stopped working in the moments before the crash. The weather was clear at the time of the accident. Though Nigeria’s aviation industry has long had a lackluster safety rating, it got improving marks and an overall upgrade from the FAA two years ago. Sunday’s crash was the deadliest in Nigeria in 40 years, prompting the country’s president to declare a three-day period of mourning. Even still, it was the fourth aircraft accident in Nigeria since 2008 to kill at least 100 people. Dana Airlines operated the MD-83 since 2009. Before that, it had been flown by Seattle-based Alaska Airlines, when it was involved in a pair of precautionary landings related to smoke from worn electrical wiring harnesses.