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Netherlands midair collision caught on video


Now that so many smartphones have video cameras and more people are taking small cameras like the GoPro on trips, perhaps it was only a matter of time before videos of crashes and collisions from inside planes made their way onto the internet. Most recently, it was the Saturday midair collision of two airplanes advertising competing political parties above a beach in the Netherlands. The two planes appear to be flying in formation before one drifts too close to the other. With wings temporarily jammed together, the two planes descended in tandem before separating. The way the video has been edited, it is unclear how long the two planes spent flying together as one. One plane made an emergency landing on the beach, while the other was able to return to a nearby airport. The footage from the ground after the collision shows the left wing of one plane punctured, with its left flap dented and bent in the middle. Fortunately, there were no injuries in the accident, though both planes were heavily damaged.