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Denver airport launches new system for tracking planes on the ramp


A new system that takes advantage of the ground surveillance radar at Denver International Airport should make ramp operations smoother for pilots and passengers. Most of the airport’s gates are controlled by ramp towers, which are separate from the FAA’s control tower. The ramp towers are responsible for pushing back aircraft and clearing them into their gates, something that has to be closely choreographed. But during times of low visibility, the ramp towers had few tools to help them see where planes were located. The new system provides a real-time display of each plane’s position on the ramp and where it’s headed, helping ramp controllers plan ahead and work more efficiently during peak times of day and in poor weather. If the system can save each plane five seconds during its taxi, that would add up to $2.2 million in fuel savings over the course of a year, officials said. The system is already in use at six other airports in the U.S., including Newark, JFK and Atlanta.