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Avantair grounds fleet for voluntary safety checks


Fractional turboprop operator Avantair grounded its entire fleet of Piaggo Avantis this week for voluntary safety checks following a July incident. The company’s fleet of about 60 of the canard-wing pusher turboprops flies business travelers across the U.S. But for several days this week, the company said it voluntarily stopped all its flights to inspect its fleet, though it provided few details about what it was looking for. The grounding apparently stems from a July incident in which an Avantair flight landed in Henderson, Nev., after which the flight crew noticed the aircraft was missing its left elevator. Three days later, airport officials found the elevator near a runway in Camarillo, Calif., where the aircraft had first departed before making its way to Henderson. There were no injuries in that incident. Avantair said it was reviewing maintenance records and inspecting its aircraft and that it was cooperating with the FAA.