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Boeing takes steps toward stretch version of 787


Boeing is getting closer to making an official decision on building a stretch version of the Dreamliner, which would be known as the 787-10. The company is reportedly in talks with British Airways and Singapore Airlines about buying the plane. The 787-10 would seat about 75 more passengers than the 787-8, which is the only model currently in production. While the 787-8 has a range of over 9,000 miles and the forthcoming 787-9 will be able to fly nearly 10,000 miles, the prospective 787-10’s range would be significantly shorter, at about 7,000 miles. But that’s actually a good thing for airlines looking to cut operating costs on popular international routes being flown by more fuel-hungry Boeing 767s and even newer Airbus A330s today. The 787-10’s range would still be enough for it to fly across the Atlantic, or from Europe to Asia and the Middle East, among other routes that don’t need aircraft capable of flying ultra-long-range segments.