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Hawker Hurricane fighter could fetch up to $2.7 million in auction


One of only 12 remaining airworthy World War II Hawker Hurricane fighters is on the auction block in the UK next week. The 1942 Mark XIIA Hurricane flew for the Royal Canadian Air Force during the war, likely patrolling Canada’s east coast for German U-boats. The plane deteriorated in a barn but was eventually bought in 2002 and restored to flying condition in 2004. While more than 14,000 Hurricane variants were produced during World War II, only 12 remain airworthy today. The one up for auction could sell for between $2.2 million and $2.7 million. It can cruise as fast as 280 knots with a range of about 900 miles. The model up for auction once flew with a dozen Browning .303 guns, but their bays in the wings were replaced by long-range fuel tanks during restoration. Most of the other parts of the plane are original or restored to their original condition, including the 1,300-horsepower Merlin 29 engine. The plane’s only other major modifications are the addition of a radio, transponder and seat harness. It has about 465 airframe hours and 170 engine hours since restoration.