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IFR Advisor Part 2: Checkride Prep

I am a new pilot and would like to immediately start working on my IFR. Several of my friends who got their licenses have basically put off the IFR and frankly I wonder if they will ever get it.


Icy Bad Vibes

Keeping your airplane warm and dry has some advantages; let's take a look at your propeller, for example.


I Wish I’d Said That

A recent purchase reminded me that, as much as things change through avionics upgrades and regulations, the spirit that lures us to flight has endured in its most basic and shared form for all the years man has yearned for the sky.


I Surrender

I've often made wry reference to the coward's credo that discretion is the better part of valor. Aside from past tales of gallant heroes battling against great odds in wartime skies, fearless courage usually bears little or nothing of value in civil aviation, and too often brings only grief, not glory. All pilots know that risk assessment is an ever-present task, and all pilots train to expect the unexpected. There is one skill in particular which is seldom needed, but always mandatory, which is called upon should mechanical or other problems ever get the better of us, and that involves knowing how to successfully execute a forced landing. There is another kind of courage needed however, during times when all is not yet lost, when that special blend of knowledge and trust in one's own judgment dictates the best course of action to be…the precautionary landing.


Hung Up To Dry

What is one danger to watch out for in a weight shift controlled ultralight aircraft in which either an intentional dive or turbulence causes the nose to pitch suddenly downward?