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Aviation News

Mustangs in the Great Plains

Flying across two-thirds of the U.S. in an old airplane can seem like crossing the Great Plains in a wagon train if the weather goes bad. It's forever from home. However, the country can just as easily shrink to the size of the local park after landing in a strange place and meeting someone who feels like a good friend.


Movin' On Up (Part II)

Moving up to larger, more capable, aircraft can be intimidating, but airplanes are airplanes and some simple truths about them always hold true. The rules of physics still apply, and the intensity of their application is still independent of how many little old ladies you helped across the street last year or how much time you donated to local charities. If you've been flying "trainers," you're used to a fairly tight performance envelope. As you move up, and performance grows, so too (usually) does the performance envelope. More capable aircraft often have a wider range of behavior consistent with their expanded performance envelope. Some attention to details will help.


Movin' On Up

Learning to fly is something very few people ever do, and we all take pride in our own aviation achievements. As our skills expand, along with it, so does our life. It becomes part of what we do, who we are, and what we come to take for granted. And it's only human nature that such a pre-selected group of goal-driven individuals would also want to continue to improve their tribal standing.


More Tales of Unscrupulous Rick

Last week, you read about Tricky Rick, the airplane dealer who tried to sell us a Skyhawk but concealed its damage history -- unfortunately, it wasn't our last encounter with Rick.