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Dick Strikes Again! -- He Did WHAT?

Okay, okay, I admit this story isn’t about my friend Dick, who has amazed us with some impressive acts of pilot... well, stupidity... still, when I heard what this fellow did to his plane, I nearly fell out of my chair.


Dick Dings One -- The Crosswind Tango

Most pilots agree that crosswind landings are the most common challenging landings they have to make. This should come as no surprise to pilots, since landing straight into the wind is as easy as pie.


Dialing Up the Weatherman: Simplex Ain't So Simple

When we fly, talking mostly with Air Traffic Control (ATC), we're on a kind of party line -- everybody's on the same frequency, talking and listening -- but when we're talking to a Flight Service Station, well, it's a bit different.


Deviating from the POH

An instructor friend of mine wrote: You mentioned in a recent presentation that the only things that are of a legal nature in the Pilots Operating Handbook (POH) are those things listed in the Limitations section. Otherwise the pilot can basically do as they please (or words to that effect). I think I get the general idea of what you meant. One of my students, however, interpreted this to mean it is quite acceptable to:


Defining Pilots: The Lost in Space Category

I have performed simulator studies with large groups of pilots and found that among them there are sub-categories ... different "types" of pilot. The name of this category should speak for itself. The pilots of this group are characterized by being oblivious to the safety concerns that are all around them. They are simply driving the machine with no comprehension of their surroundings. They have little or no situation awareness. Points of decision in a scenario can arrive and they are unaware of their existence. It is not that these pilots make poor decisions, the problem is they do not even know that a decision is called for. They make no correlation between actions that are going on around them and the consequences of those actions. They get into real trouble and never even know they are in danger.