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Lousy Quotes for the Pilot

Amazing things can spill out of pilots' mouths when they manage a particularly skillful response to an event that was initiated by their own stupidity -- running out of fuel, for example.


Lost Arts 4 - Using Radar When You Don't Have It

It is becoming more and more possible to include Radar "overlay" information into everyday general aviation flying as new technology emerges. But lets not forget that flying and flight training, both VFR and IFR, has been taking place for decades without onboard radar assistance. Are the techniques of avoiding hazardous weather, even without having onboard radar information soon to be included as a Lost Art?


Lost Arts 3 - The Moving Map

The more I use our airplane's new technology the more I appreciate what it gives us, but I have also discovered some areas that, so far, the technology appears to have missed. One skill that I fear may be lost is chart reading. There is a big difference between a chart and a map. The new technology provides moving maps -- not moving charts.


Lost Arts 2 - Diversion to the Alternate

I have been learning to use the new technology and along the way I have discovered a few situations where the old technology is not only still relevant, it's more important that ever. One of these situations is planning to divert to an alternate airport...


Lost Arts 1-- FSS Communications.

I told you last summer that I would give the new technology an honest try (Trying not to be an Old Fogey) and I am doing that. Here is what I've learned so far: Some old methods are still necessary even with the new equipment. But I'm afraid some of these methods may become Lost Arts.