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Crunched by the Tug

Sad stories like this one don’t turn up very often; fortunately for the rest of us, they leave lessons behind.


Cracks and Stops

Every plane has at least one -- a crack in a formed part, or more than likely, a composite part or fairing of some sort on the airframe.


Cowboy Pilot

'Howdy Greg, My name is Baldy and I am a working 'wagon trash' cowboy in northern Arizona. Have a '41 T'craft I use on the ranches - I'm based at P23 [Seligman] and just built a Starduster Too. I enjoy reading your columns as it's always apparent how much you LOVE our passion, which is flying. Having said this I hope you'll visit my free web site as I am trying to help people share our love of flight and maybe expenses as well. If a $25 a day working cowboy can afford to fly, anyone can. Well sir I thank you for your time and look forward to your articles as it's great to see someone who totally tries to help the little guy get started. If you are ever around Seligman it would be a pleasure to meet you. I day-work only now on ranches and shoe 30 horses in PHX every 5-6 weeks. Well sir take care and fly safe, Adios for now from Baldy in No. Az.'